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Using the latest in aerial drone technology, we are able to capture shots from almost any angle! Whether that's following a vehicle through winding roads in the countryside, or capturing those Hero shot's of your business or establishment. The possibilities are endless. 

All of our footage is captured using professional cinema grade camera's. We generally carry three with us for most filming jobs, along with several microphones and field monitors to ensure that those critical moments are not missed. 

Action camera's play a huge role in most videography tasks these days. They can capture up to a staggering 133° field of view and their underwater abilities give a unique and dynamic perspective. So if your project involves diving, motorsport, extreme sports or POV then one or more action camera's would certainly make a great addition. We generally carry two or three around at all times.

Our Professional Photography Services are well known for capturing that critical moment at events, or to showcase products/vehicles. More recently we've been working with well known models and capturing fashion and much more.

Our Van has been converted to be a road legal filming vehicle. With rear facing seats and removable rear windows, we're able to capture motion footage for both slow and fast moving targets. It was designed for tracking vehicles on public roads, but has since been used for many projects including sports where we captured footage of a high speed cyclist attempting to break a record.

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