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Who?  inMOTION Filmworks offer bespoke film production, both on site and location. Having built a stable foundation in Lincolnshire we now cater for businesses located all across the U.K, reaching to Europe and afar. 


 What?  inMOTION Filmworks built their foundations specialising in the Automotive industry, offering Showroom presentations, vehicle showcasing and promotional films. Whilst the primary focus is still Automotive, we provide a service to a host of clients within Retail, Music, Sport, Education and Journalism. The Sky really is the limit. We're experienced in varied environments with different demands. 

Where?  Located in the heart of Lincolnshire, inMOTION Filmworks have a network of clients around the globe. If you're at the top of Scotland or the tip of Cornwall, hiding in the Algarve or perched 38 storeys up the Empire State Building, no distance is too far. We would love to meet you!  


How?   One of the most crucial steps to ensure great quality footage, is the equipment used. All the content is filmed using the best cinema grade cameras. Given the nature of low light inside buildings, Lighting rigs, stabilisers and camera slides are regularly used to produce smooth, vibrant content.


When?  We understand that a promotional video or advert can be required quickly. We pride ourselves on exceptionally quick production times. Essentially, a video can be filmed one day and the final production can be in your hands the next (depending on the project of course!). Each film is tailored to you, the client.

inMOTION Filmworks will work with you to ensure the content reaches you, exactly when you need it.

Meet The Team


Matthew Lee Newell

If Matt isn't filming or editing for a client, you can be sure he's hiding away, with a coffee, writing scripts for his own personal short films!


As the founder of inMOTION Filmworks, Matt is always keen to be hands on with every project, seeing the whole process from idea, to creation and final production. In the early days, his combined passion for automotive and filmmaking gave him endless opportunities to create stunning visual films, which later branched out further to Music Video's, Feature Films and Product Presentations.

Photo 21-06-2019, 12 35 57 pm.jpg

Samual Atkins

Some say he's filled over 4TB of storage with just photo's of his beloved pet cat - Betty!

Following a successful career in TV production, Sam was appointed the role of a broadcast journalist with the BBC. Later he established C1 Media Ltd, a media in education business, and to date has engaged with over 6500 young people from primary, secondary special, college and higher education sectors. Sam's ability to adapt and create diverse media content constantly shines through each project.


Robert Pitman

Loves a bit of football and karting in his spare time, but doesn't particularly enjoy Vulgar GIF images on social media. 

Over the last decade, Rob has worked tirelessly to develop a methodology and an infrastructure for partner agencies, cultural organisations and schools, to provide children and young people with access to a high quality offer of Arts and Cultural experiences. His efforts have extensively developed The LAFTAs Film Awards and The Young Journailst Academy to name a couple.

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